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Ditte Capion

"I like to work with people. The same way that I enjoy get togethers in my free time. It’s not a one woman show. The creative process is a shared experience. It’s about doing something together as a team."


"The atmosphere on the set is crucial. Everyone has a responsibility to the job and to keep the mood vibrant and creative. But most of all it's my responsibility. My interaction with the clients and the people in front of the camera."


Artvaerk studio is a creative space in Nørrebro.

With almost 5 meters of ceiling and daylight from all sides, there is optimal conditions for photo and video production.


We are happy to host exhibitions, talks, dinners etc. Contact us to discuss your project.

Artvaerk studio


Although born in Denmark, Jeppe doesn’t consider himself very Danish at all. His American heritage leaves him with family ties around the globe. Jeppe now lives in the north of Denmark with his wife Timi and little daughter Sara.


His style of photography is classic but with a clear contemporary point of view. Jeppe is an experienced photographer who pursues his work with seriousness and technical understanding.

His way of controlling and adjusting the light for all kinds of corporate and commercial clients is enviable.



From his background in industrial design Lasse (1987) approaches photography with curiosity and a aesthetical creativity.

When working for a client, he often produces both still images and film, which places him in a very select category of photographers who masters both techniques.

His portefolio holds both campaigns for premium fashion brands, editorials as well as more corporate clients. 


Lasse is responsible for our green plants at the studio, since it came to our attention that he is a bit of a plant expert.





The story of Artvaerk is also a story of loyalty. The synergy of trust and companionship.


In the beginning, almost 30 years back, the founder of our team, Claudi Thyrrestrup, decided to part with a long-time fellow photographer to start his own ambitious studio in Copenhagen. One of the key mantras was being a hard-working, trustworthy and consistently high performing supplier of professional photography.


Though the years, the studio grew to several locations and many photographers, and being an excellent character reader, Claudi always found the staff that would complement each other on a personal level and also provide an overall high standard of photos.


Being a pioneer in digital photography in a time of vast marketing budgets, Claudi never was a cheap guy and always made sure to have the best circumstances and the best equipment for the clients and colleagues. Always. Also, never shy to hand out of his great experience.


At one point, the team grew out of the studio, and Claudi downsized to just himself and the intern, soon after company partner, Ditte Capion. Although a small team, it would still preserve it’s key mantras and high standards. As the team slowly and steadily grew again, it would become closer and closer to today’s photo studio, adding Jeppe Bjørn and Lasse Wind as additional corner stones.


The concept once again proved itself strong, and has experienced countless companies, corporations and magazines on the client list, several putting their trust in the studio for more than a decade.


In the beginning of 2019 a dark cloud formed above the studio and shook it deeply to it’s core, as the ever treacherous cancer ripped away the still-going-strong Claudi at age 61. Not only the stronghold of the studio, but also a trusted and beloved friend of the clients, and last but not least a husband and the caring father of his girls.


In his last weeks, Claudi could look back at great successes, among which one was the now self sustaining project of the photo studio which since has maintained the great inertia and lives on today as Artvaerk. He gave us the skills to navigate in the world of entrepreneurship and to this day, we will always base a decision on what Claudi might have thought.


The ambition is intact and entering it’s 4th decade, we at Artvaerk welcome new and old clients at our brand new state-of-the-art photo studio with many more successes to come.

Artvaerk ApS

Thorsgade 59, 4th Floor

2200 Copenhagen N

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Photographer & Partner

+45 30324411


Student Photographer

+45 50253050


Photographer & Partner

+45 26155909


Photographer & Partner

+45 61653362

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