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From his background in industrial design Lasse (1987) approaches photography with curiosity and a aesthetical creativity.

When working for a client, he often produces both still images and film, which places him in a very select category of photographers who masters both techniques.

His portefolio holds both campaigns for premium fashion brands, editorials as well as more corporate clients. 


Lasse is responsible for our green plants at the studio, since it came to our attention that he is a bit of a plant expert.


Artvaerk.Studio is a creative workshop in Nørrebro. With 5 meters of ceiling and daylight from all sides, there are optimal conditions for photo and video production.


We are happy to host exhibitions, talks, dinners etc. Contact us to discuss your project. 

We have a history


Ditte Capion

I like to work with people. The same way that I enjoy get togethers in my free time. It’s not a one woman show.


The creative process is a shared experience. It’s about doing something together as a team.


Therefore the atmosphere on the set is crucial. Everyone has a responsibility to the task and to keep the mood vibrant and creative. But most of all it's my responsibility. My interaction with the clients and the people in front of the camera.

On set Ditte always strive towards a positive energy to any shoot, often with a good sense of humor and hands on attitude.

Artvaerk is a team of photographers with different skills and personalities.

We help each other find solutions that suits your particular brand.


Even large companies are run by people. At Artvaerk, we believe that your choice of photographer is just as much about chemistry, trust and flexibility. And it should. Therefore, it is a priority for us to always give our guests the best possible experience. 

The history of Artvaerk goes back three decades. Those of our clients who have been with us from the beginning knows it. But we'll be happy to tell you if you come by our studio one day.


Photographer & Partner

+45 61653362


Student Photographer

+45 26464926


Photographer & Partner

+45 30324411


Photographer & Partner

+45 26155909


Student Photographer

+45 29801884

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